The best way to predict the future is to create it

(ELLA DVORNIK,writer, blogger, London)



Beacuse you can:


  • Exchange experiences with like-minded business partners
  • Debate on future implementation and challenges for alternative fuels
  • Evaluate the current position of alternative fuels in EU & Adriatic-Ionian region
  • Meet and connect with business partners from the region, the EU and the world
  • Find out the situations on the markets outside the Adriatic-Ionian region
  • Provide recommendations for future initiatives
  • Learn something new about alternative fuels, harmonization of regulations and subsidies




  • Third Sector Organisations
  • Business Development Professionals
  • Schools and Education Stakeholders
  • Professionals for energy efficiency
  • Conservation Professionals (preserving heritage)
  • Urban "designers" (architects, planners, etc.)
  • Directors and Heads of fleet and public spaces and services
  • Professionals in railway, road, maritime and inland waterway transport and logistic
  • Professionals for waste disposal
  • GreenCity Teams and who want to become
  • Regional Development Agencies
  • Trade unions and trade union organizations (Union)
  • Inspections and control services of pressure vessels
  • Civil servants in charge of alternative fuels
  • National/Competent Ministries and Institutes
  • Banking sector
  • Environmental Associations
  • Stock market representatives
  • Distributors & regional sales
  • Media & PR agencies
  • Media representatives
  • Executives in production of alternative fuels
  • Managers in energy companies
  • Commercialists in energy companies
  • Academics and the scientific-research community
  • Consultants, lobbyists, public advocates of alternative fuels
  • Marketing agencies
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Consumer protection organizations
  • Local and regional authorities
  • International and Regional Organisations
  • Agencies for Environmental Protection
  • Police and customs
  • Economic, trade, medical and other chambers
  • Local Area Trailblazers and innovators
  • Environment Specialists
  • Production and service clusters
  • Sustainable development professionals
  • Sustainable Tourism Professionals
  • Environmental Services and Policy Professionals
  • Environmental Planning and Design Officers
  • Alternative Fuels Campaigns Professionals
  • Green Education Professionals
  • Private Sector Environmental Organisations
  • Greening Retail Organisations
  • Interested citizens

Friday, 10 July 2020 22:02
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